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welcome to Crossfit Bury St Edmunds

Forging Elite Fitness

about CrossFit

Crossfit is 100% for everyone. At crossfit bury st edmunds are main focus is on form and technique. Through this focus we are able to help the complete beginner and serious crossfit competitor

Constantly Varied

if you look through the WOD’s (Workout of the day) you will see that we simply don’t do the same workout twice. Everyday I will post a new WOD to keep your body ‘guessing’. This means you don’t get a chance to fully adapt and plateau.

Functional movement

We use multi-joint compound movements. We don’t use isolation movements. So we Throw, lift, jump, pull and push. The movements we use can be broken down into three categories, gymnastic, weightlifting and Cardio. Gymnastic to name a few movements encompasses, Pull-up’s, Press-up’s, Ring Dips, handstand push-up’s. For weightlifting we use the Olympic lifts (clean and jerk and snatch) and some of the power lifts. Cardio we use, rowing and running. (more are possible)

High intensity

to get this we time the WOD’s! Everyone works just that little bit harder when they are against the clock. The aim is then to complete the WOD as quick as you can whilst keeping good form and full range of motion.

what our fun factors

work outs

Weight dead lifted this week

Cups of Coffee

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Our team

We are a cool bunch of people

Team Member

Richard Peck

Head Coach

Richard Peck is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Bury St Edmunds

Team Member

Laura Yarrington


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Introduction Session

  • Crossfit taster session for beginners
  • Check Schedule for timings



  • each movement explained
  • 9 hours of coaching

£50 per month

Unlimited use

  • Any class
  • Any time

£10 per session

Drop in

  • Any time


Unit 9, Enterprise Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1JZ